Fine quality sapphires

We specialize in Peach color Sapphires, we have the finest stock in the world. 

under 1 carat
1 to 2 carats peach sapphires
2 to 3 carats peach sapphires
over 3 carats peach sapphires

oval peach sapphires
round peach sapphires
cushion peach sapphires
pear shape peach sapphires
Emerald, princess octagon peach sapphires

New sapphires, untreated peach sapphires
loose peach sapphires,Peach Sapphire Ring, White Sapphire - Full Stock Of Peach Sapphires
Full stock of peach sapphires

Best Blue Sapphire Rings, Ceylon Blue Sapphire - Blue Sapphires
Blue sapphires
Green sapphires
Green sapphires
Best Yellow sapphires,Best Blue Sapphire Rings, Ceylon yellow Sapphire - Blue Sapphires
Yellow sapphires
Purple sapphires
Purple sapphires
Ruby, untreated gem quality ruby
White sapphires
White sapphires
Green Aquamarine
Green Aquamarine

Custom made ring 

Step 1 - Choose your stone.

Select a stone from our inventory and            Add To Cart.

Step 2 - Choose your setting.

Select a setting from our inventory and         Add To Cart.

Step 3 - Go to your Shopping Cart and Checkout to finish the payment.

your dream our inspiration

If you want a setting that we don't have in our inventory, we can make it for you, just email.

We work with gold (any gold) and silver.

Special wholesale price for designers and retailers.

  • We specialize in loose sapphires and engagements rings from sapphires, gold and diamonds
  • We have a great collection of rare quality hard to find peach and Padparadscha sapphires from Sri Lanka and Madagascar.
  • We add new sapphires to the stock almost daily.
  • All our sapphires are natural, most are untreated, some are heated in the traditional Sri Lankan blow heating.
    Never ever any other treatment!
    Every stone is checked in our lab by an experienced gemologist before we buy it 
    Then sent to a third party gemological lab for confirmation before we add it to the stock!

    • None of our sapphires has been Beryllium treated, glass filled, Diffused or Synthetic.
    • We trade only with very high quality sapphires with a minimum VS clarity. All are well cut and full of luster.
    • Only part of our stock is shown in this web site. If you don't find here the shade, cut or size you want please email us and if we don't have it in stock we will find it for you in a short time

     Loose peach Sapphires

    • We have a large stoke of loose peach-sapphire.
    • Stock is changing all the time but we always have a minimum of  200-500 peach sapphire between  size 1 and 7 carats.
    • We will gladly send you photos of available stones or will source for you the right sapphire.
    • Gemological reports.

      Our procedure regarding certificating.

      After we buy the stones and before we add it to the stock 

      We send it to the lab for a gemological identification.

      When they finish checking, we get an excel page with all the details and pay part of the price.

      When a client want the certificate(and pay for it) we order the printed certificate

      And pay the balance.


      Most of our sapphires are sold to designers and shops who don't need the certificates just our data.

      • We don't issue a report to ourself!
      • The report cost of $50 to $100 will be added to the price.
      • All sapphires over 3 carats and all Padparadscha are shipped with the report with no extra charge.

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